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Hi Mark,

Well, I've only lived in Scotland for 9 months, but I know that the Age of Consent here for marriage is 16.

I've seen some frighteningly young people getting engaged here, splitting up at the drop of a hat, then getting back together when a larger ring was offered.

My partner runs a hotel here and we get teens that look barely 13 sitting out in the street in gangs, trying to sneak past us to use the Ladies Loo as a "heavy petting" boudoir. And Lockerbie isn't a bad area.

Frankly, I think it's a wee bit scary.
A couple can be married in England also at age 16, but only with the parents' consent. In Scotland no such consent is needed, thus the fame of Gretna Green, the first village over the border, as the destination for young eloping couples. And back in 1912 the runaways could be very young indeed. As stated above, theoretically the boy could be 14 and the girl as young as 12. That's more than a wee bit scary!
Bob, I still maintain that the reason everyone dozed off during my raconteuring was because of the exceptionally heavy Korean-style lunch, which you organised, I believe?

Tasty, though.

OK, don't rub it in. I went to a lot of trouble with that lunch, how was I know we'd never be able to catch it.
Ellie, if you think lunch looks unhappy, you should have seen the prospective diners. Especially after the lunch got away.
Yes! That does sound scary. However, even though 16 is still young, there is a big difference between 13/14 and 16/17, which explains why 16 is a common AOC for sex and 13/14 isn't.

Oooo, boy! Talk about a lunch that could bite back! I don't care what anybody says, I will not eat anything that can (1) look back up at me from the plate, (2) respond back to me, or (3) get up and walk away. It just isn't done.
LOL...I think I agree with Mark on this one, anything that can talk (or in this case yap and growl) back at you just isn't a good idea
"'s perfectly legal to kill a Welshman, as long as its Sunday, he's on a hill and you do it with a bow and arrow."
Now this is just the sort of useful law one really needs to know. Tried to lure my friend, Hywel, into a Sunday stroll on Box Hill but he seemed a bit suspicious and refused. When I confessed, he chiefly appeared interested in under what conditions it is legal to kill a Scotsman. I don't think he has Scotsmen in general in mind, I think it's just the Chancellor.
"I don't think he has Scotsmen in general in mind, I think it's just the Chancellor."

It would appear that Hywel is not alone in seeking the demise of Gordon. The following was taken from a website called The Voice of Reason:
The Home Office had to admit last night that it has lost track of as many as 17 schizophrenics who believe that Gordon Brown is the devil incarnate and has to be assassinated.

This is just the latest in an upcoming long line of further problems expected to be announced over the coming months.

John Reid is expected to challenge Gordon Brown for leader of the Labour Party when Tony Blair resigns later in the year, but only if Brown lives that long.....
Hmmm, I can't stand Gordon Brown, but if anyone in that party is the devil incarnate, it's John Reid.
Thursdays for Scotsmen, Mon. But only when there's an 'r' in the month. And you have to do it with a pike while on horseback.

As for Hywel, don't risk it. The Welsh are masters of the longbow, and nine times out of ten they'll get you first. Best do him on the first Tuesday in July, when a shotgun is allowed.

I don't want to make Ellie nervous (she seems like a nice girl), so I'm not going to reveal the approved dates and methods for the Irish. Also I'm half Irish myself, and I don't want to end up half dead just to give you Brits a bit of sport with your crossbows on the last Wednesday in August.
*looks at Bob sideways*

Erm, if anyone's in Scotland on the last Wednesday in August and spots a walking suit of armour with stripy socks...that'd be me.

Sorry. Ellie, it slipped out. But don't worry. As long as we're not standing on one leg and whistling 'Paddy McGinty's Goat' we'll enjoy the full protection of the Law.
I gotta remember not to have a mouthful of drink when reading posts on here...

*starts mopping up tea from computer screen*