Ages of Some Eastland Passengers


Holly Peterson

Just yesterday I found a great website about the sinking of the Eastland and immediately became fascinated. As always, the first thing I did was comprise a list of child survivors. However, I have a few questions and wondered if anyone here knew the answers regarding ages.

Mary and Winifred Lyons are listed as siblings of Thomas Lyons who was 3 I think, and so I put them down on my list of child survivors, but was wondering if anyone could confirm these girls' ages. The same thing with William Thyer.

Also, I saw a picture of 'Mrs. J. O'Keefe and daughter Katherine.' My first thought was how strikingly similar it was to the picture well-known among we Titanic buffs which shows Marjorie Collyer and her mother, so I immediately thought that Katherine was 8-12 yrs old. However, upon further investigation of the picture I believe she could be as old as 20. Any thoughts on her age?

I realize that this tragedy is not as well known as the Titanic and that information may be difficult to find.

Much thanks,
Holly Peterson.

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