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AL Glover

Jun 4, 2002
First i hope that u & your loved ones are all ok, I just found this site this week,(5/02,from a news story about it,I am 54,( mentally about 30-35 )and live in Texas,and while some may think "he is disabled", from the picture, I prefer to say,""I am "INCONVIENANCED"",I guess the best way I can describe myself is by just posting the info from my son's site,
I am an easy going nice (not many of us left) guy who dosen't mind trying to help others learn,while being a widower,(which I hate)and raising my son,(a multiple handicapped child,)while it has given me an experience,( not many men,and only a few women could or would want to go through )also it has made me realise what an "unwed" mother has to go must go through,never trusting anyone to give the love and care that I can give my son,and to have feelings for others,which some may consider this weakness,I was born under the sign of Taurus,and while easy going in temperment (like a bull grazing,I am not looking to challenge )but like a volcano,when you hear a rumble it is best to get out of the way befor the explosion, I believe in helping and protecting people ( my family,friends ) I care about,IF I call you MY FRIEND,I CARE for you,maybe to much about how you are,if not then I couldn't care less about you,this is 1 of my faults I do not know how to care a little or 1/2 way,not love,that is differant,but care,I enjoy giving and making people smile,When a problem arise's I try to think it through befor planning a coarse of action,then following through, I believe in speaking out if something isn't right and believe I have an outgoing personality, I believe in being OPEN & HONEST,(but not to the point of hurting someones feelings, This is who I am.

May 8, 2001
Welcome Al. I hope you enjoy your reading and time here on the ET board. ALWAYS Lots to learn!
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