Albert Charles Edward Self

Tim Self

My name is Tim Self I live in New Zealand , my parents emigrated in 1957 from Southampton, my Dads name was Edward Self born Southampton 22 November 1919 , this gentleman could be my relation even my Grandfather......any relatives out there ? email [email protected] .com


hi,my name is Eddie self,my farther also Eddie self grew up in freshfeild rd which is just round the corner from the address given by the 1887 Edward self me and my dad still live in the area. As far as I'm aware there is only one self family in Southampton,my dad had 12 brothers and sisters,so there is a strong possibility we could be related !!!


Well you are both wrong sorry to say this is my great grandfather my name being Oscar self he is also on my side of the family there is a slight chance that the self name from the top of th tree was carried down the other side and you two are my 4th cousins or uncles depending on how old you are
Hi Dale My Mother was Dorothy my auntie Peggy used to live in Hamble in Hampshire when I was very young and moved over seas to ? where she had a couple of kids one in the air force and a daughter if you can verify where she moved to would love to talk..Kevin
Hi Dale my mother was your gran's sister Dorothy Mary 1918 - 1998. I used to visit Peggy and family when they lived in Hamble in Hampshire UK. she and her husband then moved overseas I know they had at least two children one in the air force and a girl name escapes me but she visited when I was a teenager in the UK you must be related to the son or the daughter. would love to talk Kevin Savage