Alexander Cairns


Leigh Anthony Ross

Does anyone know when Alexander Cairns was born or what age he was when he sailed on the Titanic?

Bob Godfrey

Hallo, Leigh. Craig Stringer (Titanic People) gives Cairns' age as 28 and his birthplace as somewhere in Perthshire, Scotland.

Meg Greenwood

Family stories I'd long considered false now point to a possible true story. My mother's mother was living in Glasgow in 1912, she supposedly was engaged to a young man, they were to both sail on the Titanic, but he went alone, died upon the sinking and she came to New York a few years later, met and married my Grandfather. I now have a picture of this man, who signed his name only 'Alex' on the picture. My aunt is searching for a postcard she has tucked away that was also from him, I'd like to see the Postmark and if he signed with his full name. There is a possibility it is Alexander Cairns. He was 4 years older than my Grandmother [Agnes], and if he was born in Perthshire, then he stands a good chance of being William Milne Cairns, born 19 April, 1883 in Kinfauns, Perthshire to William Cairns, Forester & Margaret Cairns, ms Milne. This is the only birth of an Alexander Cairns anywhere in Perthshire between 1881 and 1887. I've searched for a death of an Alexander Cairns born between 1882 and 1886 but not found a suitable candidate in Scotland. Where would death documents be filed for the passengers who died ? Even those whose bodies were never recovered had to have some kind of death Registrations.

Alastair J McKenzie

Alexander Milne Cairns was my grandmother's brother, one of 11 children to William Cairns and Margaret Milne.
Intrigued by the ref to your g'mother. what was her maiden name?


Cheryl Haslett

I am also very interested in Alexander Cairns as I am positive he was my g.g.grandfather's nephew, and I am presently doing my Cairns Family Tree.So I am very interested in any data about Alexander.

Wendy leitch

does anyone know if alexander cairns had a brother or cousin called david murray cairns born1881 at rescobie (forfar) died 1942 at inchyra village (scotland)

Alastair J McKenzie

David Murray Cairns was 1 of 11 brothers/sisters to Alexander Milne Cairns.
Several of us have been working on this family tree if you want more info.



Janice Cairns

Have just returned from Titanic Exhibition at O2.
Fascinating !!
Noticed on 'lost list' Alexander Cairns.
My late husbands father was Albert Edward Alexander Cairns, and his father was 'Stokoe' Cairns. He worked at the shipyard and collapsed in the queue for his pay. Had a few wives at the same time by all accounts and a bit of a black sheep. Does anyone know the name ?
Many thanks.
Janice Cairns.

nicolas chmarzynski

Being passionate about the Titanic for many years I began to seek information about passengers and crew member

right now I lead research on Alexander CAIRNS servant of Mr Carter

I found some info but I do not know if she is okay

Alexander Cairns was born on April 19, 1883 in Kinfauns, Perthshire, Scotland
his parents would be William (1842-1925) & Margaret Milne Cairns (1840-1920)

He had 10 brothers and sisters

thank you for your help, if you could give me any other information or corrected my mistakes if



Re Alexander Cairns

He (Alexander Milne Cairns) was my great uncle and was lost on the Titanic, no body being recovered or identified. He was one of 12 children, including my grandmother, of William Cairns and Margaret Milne. They received 4 shillings per week from the Mansion House Titanic Relief fund.
He was working as a butler in London in the 1911 census


Alastair J McKenzie
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