Alfred Ernest Moore

His son Clarence served in the Merchant Navy as a steward, and later died in an air crash in Georgia, U.S.A. on 26 Feb 1941. He was the steward on board an Eastern Airlines DST aircraft.
Alfred was christened 6th March1879 at Littletown Chapel, Wootton Common, Isle of Wight.
To be pedantic, references in the biography to the Isle of Wight and Isle of Wight places being in Hampshire are incorrect. The Isle of Wight was never in Hampshire. Until 1891 the Isle of Wight was in the County of Southampton. From 1891 the Isle of Wight was a County in its own right. It is incorrect to say that Alfred's parents James William Moore and Ann Sophia Pittis were Hampshire-natives.
The list of siblings is incomplete and slightly inaccurate.
Louisa was actually Maria Louisa.
Rosa Ellen (b. 1872) is missing.
Harry (b. 1874) was actually Frederick Harry.