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Ever since I've seen a Movie about the Titanic sinking which depicted the Nurse Alice Cleaver
as being under suspicion of murder, I've always kept the inference in the back of my mind until I
read the account in ET on Alice Catherine Cleaver.
My wife is in her 50's, always lived in Ohio and her name is Alice Mary Cleaver. My question is does anyone have data as how the supposed murderer of a child 100 years ago by the same name suddenly show up in Ohio to die? By the way, my wife is an LPN..
Leon...sometime in the '40s or '50s, a woman went on a radio show claiming to be Lorraine Allison...Trevors sister, the only 1st class child to die..i will post more details later, but it was suspected that this was a story concocted by Alice to get some of the Allisons money. More details later.
I don't think the Ohio connection actually had anything to do with "Lorraine Kramer"--the imposter claiming to be Lorraine Allison. There was an Alice Cleaver of about the right age who is listed as having died in Ohio (according to social security death records). I think that prior to it being proved that the real Alice Cleaver of Titanic fame died in England, someone asserted that the one listed as having died in Ohio was asserted to be Titanic Alice. And then that assertion took on a life of its own--sort of like the story of her being a child murderer. Although that, in my opinion, has been absolutely disproven, it too has taken on a life of its own and is kind of like an illegitimate child roaming the world telling everyone a false name for its daddy.

I hope this helps.

Phil......The information does clear up some things....thanks very much........Leon