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Trying to find more information on a crew member named Allen Baggott. He is possibly related to my wifes side of family.

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Fresh from celebrating winning the ashes back from the great Aussies today, I am most interested in the item posted by Craig Stringer regarding the photo on p219 and the person identified as Allen Marden Baggott. Are there any other photographs in which Allen appears? Grateful for any information. Thank you.
Re Titanic Voices, Page 219. Still interested to hear if Allen Marden Baggott is in any other Titanic crew photographs. Allen wrote a detailed mini account of sinking on 'Carpathia'Headed Letter Card whilst enroute NEW YORK. I have established that Allan, who was from a sea faring family, served at sea during 1st World War. It would seem that at least one of the ships he was serving on had a pretty rough time of it at one stage. A couple of years after the war, he died whilst still serving at sea. Records show he was buried at Malta. He left a widow and five children. Thank you readers.

Allen Baggott CR10
Senan. Thank you for the CR10 photograph. I have recently come into possession of a copy of the same photograph kindly supplied as a result of some ongoing research. This happened since my request for information regarding photographs of Allen Marden Baggot, I think that there maybe other photographs of Allen in existence and I shall be most grateful for any information regarding same. Thank you for your kindness and time, I shall keep on digging away.
As a Grandson of Allen (AMB) I can say he was married and lived with his wife and children at Itchin Southampton.  He told his family his RMS Titanic posted lifeboat station was No. 9. Whilst still at sea aboard RMS Carpathia he wrote his account of the Titanic sinking on RMS Carpathia headed letter card. In it amongst other details he bravely wrote "There were insufficient lifeboats to accommodate more than were saved." On arrival in New York Allen posted the letter to my Great Grandfather. That letter remained in the safe custody of my family and my mother for many years. Sadly it left her safe custody during the late 80's early 90's but happily it is still historically safe having been sold at auction about 2-4 years ago in Wiltshire for a considerable sum of money to a 'Titanic Collector.' Allen served at sea during the 1st World War on vessels at Gallipoli and elsewhere.  He also served in RFA's and it was whilst at Gallipoli that he was taken ill and later died in a small ships boat accompanied by a R/Naval Doctor enroute to the Naval Hospital.  He was later buried in Malta. Allens family  served during WW1 and again in WW2. During WW2 my mother served with others in a dangerous occupation. My father died doing his duty supplying ammunition during enemy action. Grandfather Allens three sons all did their duty. One son, William, was Chief Bosun on four ships that were sunk by German torpedo's during Atlantic Convoys. After one such sinking William spent sixteen days in an open lifeboat before rescue.  He also served aboard a support vessel at the 'D' Landings that was badly damaged by enemy fire. I myself am proud to have served my country for over 45 years. I hope this update is of interest.      
The mother of Allen Mardon BAGGOT was Susan Lake MARDON
Birth registered in 4th quarter of 1843 in Kingsbridge Devon Susan Lake MARDON Vol 9 Page 363 GRO index says mother's maiden name = MATTHEWS
Baptism in Stoke Fleming Devon 29 Oct 1843 ... Sarah Lake daughter of Richard & Mary MARDON of Stoke Fleming Labourer
Original of this baptism can be viewed on FindMy Past
So the parents of Susan Lake MARDON were Richard MARDON and his wife Mary MATTHEWS
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Allen M BAGGOTT appears aged 6 in the 1891 census … RG12/303 Folio 33 Page 21 … living at 10 Bermuda Street in Mile End Old Town, London with his parents William & Susan L BAGGOTT and two sisters Elizabeth A aged 16 and Helena M aged 9 … this record says his father William BAGGOTT aged 44 came from Iken in Suffolk … there is a baptism in Iken Suffolk in 1847 that ties up with this ...

Birth of William BAGGOTT is registered in Plomesgate, Suffolk in the 3rd quarter of 1846 Vol 12 Page 383

Baptism of William BAGGOTT took place in Iken, Suffolk on 5 Sep 1847 William son of Eliza BAGGOTT
Baptism record states that the date of birth is 23 Jun 1846
As a Grandson of Allen (AMB) I can say he was married and lived with his wife and children at Itchin Southampton. ...

Hello Ronald … your grandfather Allen Mardon BAGGOTT born 1884 was a 4th cousin of my great grandfather William A J BAGGOTT born in 1879 … guess that makes you and I 6th cousins once removed … I have done quite a lot of research in the BAGGOTTs that came from Suffolk and can trace them back to 1511
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