Alternate History Olympic


Mar 4, 2019
I have discussed this topic with my friends for some time and I wanted to get other people’s opinions on this topic.
If the RMS Olympic sank in any point during her life, when would the ship sunk, what would have caused it, and what would the wreck look like?
I theorize that the Olympic would have sunk sometime during WW1, probably due to a torpedo strike. I researched a bit into Olympic’s history and found that at one point during WW1 she was torpedoed, but the torpedo was a dud and didn’t explode. I’d imagine that if the ship had sunk, it would have been due to that same torpedo in the case that it did explode. I’d imagine that the ship wouldn’t have sunk at first, and would have tried to limp its way to the nearest allied or neutral port, but she would have been torpedoed again, possibly two or three times total before finally sinking. I’d imagine that the wreck would be in rather bad condition due to the damage inflicted. The Olympic’s theoretical wreck would possibly be in about the same condition as the RMS Lusitania’s wreck if this is how she had sunk.

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