Alternative to raising


Chris Nicholson

Thets face it, unless someone on this board has majic powers, the Titanic is gonna remain at the bottom of the ocean. But if there is no way to raise her, maybe we can preserve her. I know it sounds crazy,prezerving her where she is sounds practical. Is there a way?
May 28, 2001
You know, I once heard an interesting idea regarding the Britannic. About ten years ago, when ISDN communications was The Big Thing, I heard that Robert Ballard was interested in laying camera tracks all over the Britannic, installing mini cameras with ISDN links and then hooking up with various museams throughout the world to create a virtual undersea museum. The Britannic , of course, was the ideal candidate at that time, being largely in one piece, on her side in shallow, well lit waters. I understand that the Maritime Museum in Liverpool was quite interested, and I know that my employers at the time (BT) were very interested - what a showcase for technology. Anyway that was ten years ago, but it's not unfeasible now to think of such an idea being applied to the Titanic. Technology has moved on a such a pace that I could see it working, although the Britannic probably is still the best bet for the reasons above.

Mind you, there's RMS Titanic plc to consider....I don't imagine they'd take kindly to too many people watching as they tear further into the ship to'salvage' more stuff....

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