Amanda's Lost Titanic Collection

Mar 3, 2001
Well, after all of these years of being fascinated by the Titanic and her destruction by the North Atlanitc, I've come full circle. I live in Ohio and lost EVERYTHING due to flooding from hurricane Ivan.
We've got a new house and are trying to settle but I'm very sadly mourning all of my Titanic collection, including a huge book library. I guess this is just one more thing the great ship and I have in common. We were both wiped out by water

Jason D. Tiller

Dec 3, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hi Amanda,

I'm very sorry to hear that you've lost everything, including your Titanic collection. That's absolutely horrible.

Hopefully, somehow you will be able to rebuild your collection over time.

If you can list the books or anything else that was a part of your collection, I'll make sure to keep a look out for them.

Best regards,


Christina Rindt

Hi Amanda

Many sympathies to you and I know it's small consolation but I also lost all but to the element of fire. You will get over it in time and any precious collections do find their way back. It can be heartbreaking but you will get there.

Sorry I cannot help you rebuild your collection but I do have copies of one or two things on CD and a ANTR film you can have. Let me know.

Kindest regards
Apr 11, 2001
On a practical note Amanda, when you can get back to normal somewhat, make a detailed list of what you lost and we here are able to assist you with replacement estimates at least of these items which you could present to your insurance company. Among Mike T. and Fiona, Tarn, and some other of us collectors of ephemera and memorabilia, I know we can help you locate replacements. I find Ebay often has remakable prices on replacement items. I lost a lot of paper liner collectibles through a flood in my basement which was not covered by insurance. It took a few years to replace things, but most of it was restored more cheaply than the original purchases. Lot of folks here sympathize I bet, and want to help a little if we can. Also look into the possibility of salvaging some of what got wet- it is possible to save some things if you know how. I've just started a conservation class at the local university, so if you have anything still intact and readable, I'll be glad to get information about paper restoration.
Mar 3, 2001
I'm so touched by the number of people who have offered to help me out when all I really wanted to do was get it off my chest. You are all so sweet. I'm not a regular poster around here and you don't know me from Adam. With this tragedy, I've found so many good people that are still out there. It gives you faith in mankind again.

Jason- Thanks. I'll probably post something when I know exactly what I'm looking for (besides everything!)

Shelley- I appreciate the offer. I've checked out a couple things on Ebay but they were in pretty worn condition and my stuff was all perfect. (sigh) At anyrate, I'll definitely have to make a list of what I can remember. Unfortunately, it may be awhile. I GUESS Titanic isn't the most important thing to replace right now. I actually found a folder today that had some Titanic Stamps and replica tickets, menu's etc that I'd bought. They aren't mint anymore and are a bit dingy but I guess I didn't ever plan on selling them. They still hold plenty of meaning to me! I had a steamer trunk style dvd/vhs holder that I had managed to get out before the water came up. (we had 45 min to get a few things) Fortunately, most of my Titanic movies/dvd's were in it and saved. My HUGE loss was my extensive book and magazine collection. They were destroyed.

Again, thanks to everyone who has offered to help me out. Even the small things mean so much.

Take Care,
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Amanda, I hope that you had insurance and that your collection was covered by it. It won't help to replace that which is all too irreplacable, but it will go a long way towards getting your library back together. There are a lot of good books out there with more on the way, and some of the old ones can be had through used book dealers.

It would also help in salvaging what little you've recovered.
Mar 3, 2001
Well, we had insurance but not nearly enough. We lost virtually everything. well over 100,000 bucks worth of stuff. We salvaged everything that we could but as we found out, River water virtually erases paper. It's crazy! Fortunately, the books are replacable, EVENTUALLY. It's just that I've only now had time to sit down and realize how much I lost. I live with my parents and sister still (which up until the flood seemed like a good idea!!) We lost baby books, photos things like that. It's very hard. Still, we had some extremely good luck too. Would you believe the moniter I'm using on my computer was completely underwater, took a trip around the room, and is still in perfect working order?

Kinda like that little cup sitting on the shelf in the great ship herself.

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