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Zoe Linkson

Hello all,

I'm trying to find out more details of the family of Amelia Herbert. I know her passenger listing gives her as Mrs Henry Macdona aged 59 but I wondered if anyone may know more about her family or be able to point me to where I can find some.

I am trying to figure out if she is related to my gt gt Aunt Nellie Macdona (nee Fenton) and her husband Charles Macdona - who were all involved in the theatre - either acting or producing.

Would be very grateful for any assistance

Apr 11, 2001
Zoe, here is the family headstone in Woodlawn Cemetery, New York which I have on my memorials site. There are several Lusitania passenger experts on this board- I am not one of them- who I know can help.
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Jim Kalafus

Dec 3, 2000
She had a step-grandson, with living descendents. According to them, he described Amelia as being a 'warm' woman and said that they were close- as he told it, he was to have accompanied her aboard the Lusitania en route to school, but the plans fell through. He would tell his children "had I gone, you would not be here.'

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