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HELP! Anyone who knows how I can get information on a not so well known passenger, Amy Jacobsohn (Mrs. Sydney Samuel Jacobsohn) your help would be very much appriciated!

My great-grandmother, my grandmother and my great-aunt were all survivors of the Titanic (my grandmother's husband perished). Your records have all three survivors on lifeboat 12 but family history has it that my great-aunt, Ulie Christy, did not make it on to the lifeboat with her mother and sister and was thought drowned. The survivors made their way to Canada which was their original destination. Three weeks later Ulie was located - the story passed down is that she was put on a 'raft' and was found by fisherman off the coast of nova scotia. I have been unable to find any reference to survivors other than those picked up by the Carpathia but Allyn McCarthy's story of her great grandfather Timothy McCarthy's body being washed ashore on Nova Scotia at least confirms the possibility of the truth of my aunt's story. Does anyone have any further information?

To Susie Gilchrist: Susie, Have been trying to find dates of birth and death for the Christy/Jacobson women. Could you contact me at email address [email protected] Thanx!

Phillip Gowan
I saw that Susan Gilchrist was related to Mrs Jacobsohn and the Christies; their lifeboat placement is, obviously, tentative. However, nobody was rescued by any other ship than the Carpathia. Also, re Mr McCarthy, his body was not washed ashore anywhere; it was picked up by the cable steamer Mackay Bennett as No 175. I would be very interested to receive more information on Miss Gilchrist's family. Peter Engberg-Klarström, e-mail: [email protected] (I was unable to find out Miss Gilchrist's e-mail).

Peter Engberg-Klarström
Stockholm, Sweden
am interested if anyone has any information on amy jacobsohn who with her husband were 2nd class passengers. they were travelling with her mother alice christy and sister julie.amy's husband sydney samuel jacobsohn perished. when they married in 1910 she was amy cohen but mrs christy appears to have changed her name between 1910 and 1912 perhaps reverting to her maiden name. amy went to the courts (Times law report) over her husbands will; it was in a deebox carried on the titanic. a bracelet with 'amy' picked out in diamonds has been retrieved from the titanic. i believe it belonged to amy and was part of her insurance claim - her husband had at one time practised as a solicitor in south africa and the party were en route to visit mrs. christy's son who farmed in california (they were to go via Montreal where mrs. christy had relations).
I notice you also found the previous discussions on the famous 'amy bracelet.'
Do you have any more data on Mrs. Christy's son, Amy's brother, in California? I live out here and am always interested in researching California connections. I'm assuming he would have been born in the 1880's. If you have any other data on him, let me know and I'll see what I can find out. Really helpful would be Mrs. Christy's maiden name if you know it. BTW, what is a 'deebox'?

Mike Herbold
Lakewood, California

Wasn't her maiden name Jones? She first married Moritz Cohen before becoming Mrs Christy.

Mrs. Christy was indeed born Alice Frances Jones and married the Cohen first and later Frederick Alexander Christy. I have Cohen's name as Moreno Joshua Cohen who died in 1889.

Yes, of course it was Moreno - I was just laying a trap for you!

Mike. Alice Christy's first husband was certainly Cohen. I have the marriage certificate of Sydney Jacobsohn and Amy amongst various family papers and can check her first husband from that. If he died in 1889 as suggested by Phil it must have been just before or immediately after Amy's birth as she was 24 when widowed. Unfortunately I do not have any details of Amy's brother in California - Phil or Geoff may know. Amy had a miscarriage not long before the sailing and that was the reason for the holiday.
Phil what happened to Frederick Alexander Christy. At the time of the marriage of Sydney and Amy , Mrs Cohen was a widow. It is surprisng that her daughter Julie took the name Christy. In the court case over Sydney Jacobsohn's will (losst on the Titanic) Amy's lawyers mistakenly gave her maiden name as Christy.
FYI - a deed box is merely a metal box used to contain papers and valuables. interestingly in giving judgement on Sydney's will the judge required Amy to produce the will if it was recovered from the Titianic. The reason for this was a precedent of that time when a will was recovered from a ship which had sunk.

Sorry I cannot help on Amy's brother - sometime I will dig up the marriage certificate which has a myriad of witnesses and his name may be on it.

All, Moreno Cohen was still alive when Amy Frances was born (8th April 1888). They were living at 28 Ellerdale Street in Lewisham.
Witnesses to Amy's marriage were:
S T Solomon
Frederick Rohl
M J Cohen
Everard Haynes (probably the Registrar)

Amy's father was Moreno Cohen (deceased)
Sydney's was Moritz Jacobsohn.

Julie predeceased both her sister and her mother and died unmarried whilst Amy remarried.

Hello All,

Frederick Alexander Christy died in 1903
and is buried with Alice and Juli.


Geoff and Brian
Tks for the info. The witness you name as Frederick Rohl was Frederick Roth a connection of Mrs Christy. Do you know whom Amy remarried and when she died(also where Alice and Julie are buried and their respective dates of death).My connection is that Moritz and Juliet Jacobsohn (nee Solomon - hence the Solomon cousin being a witness at Sydney's wedding)the parents of Sydney, were one set of my greatgrandparents(they had 9 children). Therefore I know quite a lot about the Jacobsohns; apparently my family lost contact with Amy in around 1920 possibly around the time she remarried.
Many tks Christopher
Re: Amy Frances Christy Jacobsohn
Amy Frances Christy Jacobsohn was my grandmother and was the daughter of Alice Frances Christy and the sister of Rachel Julie. After the First World War she travelled out to South Africa to visit Sidney Samuel Jacobsohn's family and met and married William Fenwick. She had two children, Douglas and Ann, and died in 1947.
I saw your reply from many years ago about the Christy-Cohens and the Jacobsohns on the Titanic. I am under the impression that the mother Alice was not Jewish but her first husband was and the son-in-law who perished was also Jewish. Is this so?