Amy Jeffers

Amy Jeffers

Apr 17, 2006
I'd like to post this by way of introducing myself. I have been Titanic-obsessed WAY before Kate and Leo got on board. My parents tell me I watched "A Night to Remember" as a young child and was gripped by the story. I've been hooked ever since. I named my dog Ida after Mrs. Strauss. A remarkable woman. A remarkable love story. I'm fascinated by the Strauss story. Where did they go after she refused the seat in the lifeboat? What did they do? What would I have done?
I consider it a privilege to be a member among such Titanic research greats as Ken, Don and Parks. Of the former: Gentlemen, if you're ever in the Northeast Ohio area, feel free to drop by and autograph my copy of your book!

Thank you.

Joe Russo

Apr 10, 2006
Same with me Amy. Started with me seeing ANTR on the CBS Late Movie one night when I was a kid in the 1970's. Started the interest there and it never stopped. Made the models, used to get the Commutator and everything.
Didn't James Cameron have Mr. and Mrs. Strauss in their room and in bed together in the montage when the ship is flooding?

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Apr 16, 2009
Welcome Amy!

I named my kitten Sidney after Sidney Goodwin (age 1). I created my e-mail address in memory of Gosta Palsson(age 2). Plus, I used to call my brother Trevor;but I won't call my children any "Titanic" names.

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