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Amy O'Connor

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Hi! I'm Amy O'Connor and I live in the Chicago area. My fascination with Titanic began in 1986 when she was finally found. I was on my 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C. that year and we got to visit the National Geographic Museum to see Dr. Ballard's pictures from the wreckage. I was so intrigued,fascinated, and a bit spooked by his pictures. I lingered at the exhibit a little longer than my classmates and teachers.
When I returned home from that trip, I went straight to the library to borrow all the books on Titanic that they had! Now, 21 years later I'm still intrigued by Titanic and the countless stories about her passengers and crew. I did get to visit the Titanic exhibit when it came to Chicago a few years ago. I bought myself a replica of the Amy's pretty cool!
Anyway, that's my story. I have been reading everything on this board...VERY INFORMATIVE!
Maybe I'll get up the courage to ask a question one of these days.

Donna Grizzle

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Welcome Amy! As a fellow Titanic friend I have to warn you that this website is highly addictive!

That class trip of yours sounds incredible. It must have been an exciting time for Titanic buffs everywhere. I was about 10 at the time of the discovery and wasn't aware of the story of Titanic yet so I unfortunately don't remember when it was breaking news. The RMS Titanic exhibits are very cool. Just went to one myself in Baltimore over the summer. I think next one I'll have to go it alone because the person I went with was bored out of his mind and I started to feel guilty so I made my visit as brief as!

Nice to meet you and hope to see you around the boards! Don't be afraid to ask's answering them that usually gets you into trouble!
Hey, Amy! Welcome to the board! I went to a Titanic Exhibit here in Las Vegas last year. I loved every second of it! Its amazing to see how many relics from the wreck have been recovered. In the exhibit there were even some perfume or makeup bottles that were owned by a second class perfumist that were recovered from the Titanic. I have to admit but this exhibit did a very great job recreating some of the rooms that were on the Titanic. I also bought a piece of coal from the Titanic at the gift shop for about $20. The Titanic exhibits are always fun to see no matter what!
>>Maybe I'll get up the courage to ask a question one of these days.<<

Ain't no time like the present! This forum has quite a bit to offer in a lot of different areas. Tech stuff? Join us in the technical or the Collisions Sinkings theories folder.

Passengers or crew? We've quite a bit on that too.

Military? We cover that in the Other Ships and Shipwrecks topics. If it floats we're interested. If it sinks, we want to know why.

Photos? See the contributions made by Jim Kalafus and a few others.

Kids bit by the Titanic bug and wanting to do a report? Point them to the information side and if they have questions or are looking for resources ask away. When you get down to it ET has something for anybody who has an interest in things maritime.

Jason D. Tiller

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Hello Amy,

Welcome aboard! You've found the best site for all things Titanic.

Enjoy and see around the board.

Denny Magdule

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Hi Amy and welcome. My Titanic interest started in 1972 when I had a chance meeting with the late Frank Goldsmith, 3rd class survivor. I was a volunteer ambulance technician and responded on a call where we took Mrs Goldsmith to the hospital. Mr Goldsmith expressed his appreciation to us by signing a postcard with a portrait of the Titanic for us, which I still have today. He passed away in 1982 and you can find information about him on many sites. Anyway, that's my story and welcome again.
Best wishes,
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