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Jun 10, 1999
Late evening,

I just wanted to commend an associate of RMSTI
for...ALAS!...favorable progress of said company's web-site.

For the bonafide wreck enthusist, you may want to access the site's banner and click on the rustcile adorned hull thumbnail. However the photographs therin are from the Tulloch era, they are presented in a far suitable perspective. (Bear in mind the page is diagrammatic)

Personally, I can never get enough images of TITANIC's wreck, and especially enjoyed this larger format of the 2.2 ton bollard (Retrieved in '94 as attested in the "Explorers" video) and the eccentric strap.

I am dying to see an image of the fairlead roller which was recovered by NAUTILE in '94. Dr. Eric Kently was an observer on this particular dive and wrote a brief narrative for U.S.A. Today magazine. Later yet I was to learn more of this fitting from M. Tulloch, and his mention of it's designed *roller* effect (Mooring purposes).

So we stand deprived of this, as we continue to stand deprived of alluring images captured from the RMSTI 2000 expedition...

"...swashbuckler A. Gellar..WALK THE PLANK MATEY!!!".

Michael Cundiff
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