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Feb 18, 2006
Well, they did pull it off ten years ago, so let's give them that much. Probably never gonna happen again in Hollywood, but there's still Europe/Canada/Japan available for animation. If you wanted an angle, why not the story thru a child's eyes?
Okay, now I'll confess to a liking for the wild, crazy stuff. (ducks to avoid tomatoes)
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>Well, they did pull it off ten years ago, so let's give them that much.<<

Mmmmmmmm....sort of. The criticisms of Cameron's work are legion and not all of them are undeserved. (I think he may well be the first to admit that.) Still, it was a springboard to a lot of things which gave him the pull to mount two expeditions to the Titanic which made signifigant contributions to our understanding of the ship.

I'll take it!
Mar 17, 2006
>>I watched this animated version and nobody dies, i mean for God's sake what is up with that?! It's making it seem like a joke.<<
Not in the Italian original, which I watched on Italian TV. There, people do die, and we're even shown people being rescued from the water by those in the life-boats. ;)

Erin Hopkins

Apr 11, 2009
I've seen the English dubbed allegedly uncut version while babysitting. How on earth the parents got it is beyond me.

It's not much better. Really, it isn't.

Thankfully my charge got bored half way through and allowed me to dub the rest of the movie for our entertainment.

They still combined Murdoch, Lightoller, and Higgins. Murdoch somehow seems to split off and become Murdoch for a few short scenes before being devoured again into what I shall call Murtollerins!

There's one scene where Murtollerins is telling passengers they can't go a certain way and then threatens violence numerous times in a flat voice. Why not just admit he's a robot and get it over with? It would make for a much more entertaining movie.

Murtollerins is also depicted showing great acts of cowardice and cruelty which made me want to bang my head against the wall numerous times. Cameron's Murdoch committing suicide is a boy scout compared to what they had.

It still had the same cheesy ending.

I still vote this movie wasn't escaped. It howls at the moon and maybe the sun as well.
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