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AL Glover

Jun 4, 2002
WOW!!!!!!! "THANK U MY FRIENDS" for the info

If u don't mind would like to
SHARE an Experience I had when I was 20-22 yrs of age,(over 30 yrs ago) I was in the merchant marine,(back in my younger days,"officers messman' and to this guy it was like a great big playground & world tour,(with lots of free time at sea)and Capt even let this "little ole 5'9"@130 pounds boy/man)in cowboy boots steer this big DEL ALBA, (C 4 type) cargo ship,(grain to India)man that was neat, even got a chance to steer her,which I was so SCARED because ,(here I am a little 'squirt steering this great big ship) so the Capt said "'want a try at it",I was excited about it,"'keep it on course,(my name)go ahead turn the wheel,we need to stay on course,turn that wheel",thank God we had the whole ocean,I thought I was going to make the dang ship roll over, Cap't & OS,(ordinary seaman) were watching me, I was scared xxxxlees,(like 1st time learning to drive a car) o/s wishered to me,?? turn the wheel to the right, then cap't said again "keep on coarse" & the o/s told me again "go ahead? turn the wheel' to the right,then the o/s told me ?? keep that needle on the compass # degrees,go ahead & turn the ship, turn the whell, (ok u asked for it, I took both hands and TURNED THE WHEEL,as hard as I could, it felt like nothing was happenning when i turned the wheel,,but when it finally started to turn,IT DID TURNED,LOL,scared everyone Cap't & o/s laughed & told me "not to steer anymore ships till I learn how",MY LAST TRIP was going across the North Atlantic,have heard rumors & talk "'always avoid the north Atlantic its a ruff ???, well i made 1 trip over & back, and swore on my knees, ""OH LORD WHAT DID I GET INTO,I SWEAR IF U LET ME GET BACK SAFE I'LL NEVER GET ON ANOTHER SHIP"' & never got sea sick, but comming back across the north atlantic,the ice box in the messroom broke loose from the bulkhead ,hit a wooden door went through that & hit a 3-4 foot rail & went overboard, (even the 2nd officer said,)after seeing it break loose & smashed through the door,he cussed & said the ship must have stood on her side,we both look out the porthole toward the bow & I SWEAR I think half the ocen was on the deck,I could not see any guardrail on the port side, next morning Capt was talking & said something like the ship took a 30 degree roll,I an't never been back on a ship since,going through the panama canal (locks) was great,& down by Durban South Africa,the jungle comes right down to the beach-ocean, and I saw some of the biggest jelly fish I ever saw maybe 3 foot across the top,finally got to Madras India, and I still remember the "witch Doctor" comming on the ship befor anyone else, and yes INDIA was (probally still is)a VERY POOR COUNTRY,but it was a learnning experience,
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
A storm at sea is nothing if not an aquired taste, but I had the worlds oceans as my playground for my 20 years in the Navy. While it's not normal for people in my rate to take the wheel, I jumped at the opportunity when I had the chance and it was a learning experience. It was at night and about all I could see was the compass befor me as well as the lee helm controls. It wasn't as difficult as I thought, but it was demanding as keeping ones course in rough seas requires constant attention to what you're doing, and it can be complicated when manuevering drills are on the agenda. (And they were too!)

I guess I had a knack for it as I did pretty well for the two hours I was driving.

Michael H. Standart
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