An important message from Kimberley All Titanic Voyage members MUST READ This is really important

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Kimberley Dayle Edwards

( Mr Hind, please can you not delete this, it is the last message I will post about the voyage, and is realy important. )
Hi Everyone,
As you may have guessed, Mr Hind does not, quite rightly, want the ET message board clogged up with people asking about the voyage. This will be the last message I post about this. Could I please remind everyone and all the Titanic Voyage members that as Mr Hind does not want Titanic Voyage messages posted here, can you please keep to the rules and not post them? Thanks in advance, I know you meant well, but there you go.
I have a new message board so everyone can discuss the voyage. The URL is
I hope everyone will pass this URL on. I am going to stay in this forum posting messages etc about Titanic, as I feel that this forum has a really nice atmosphere!
Well, see you all in 2001!
Not open for further replies.