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Jan 15, 2020
Hello everyone. I've been into the RMS Titanic ever since James Cameron's movie came out. Mr. Cameron's genius is one of my favorite things in this world.

Something interesting I noticed about the movie upon recent viewings, is something that I have not heard discussed in any "making-of" documentaries about the film.

I first took note of this at the point in the movie where Captain Smith looks toward his quarters, a lost woman with a baby approaching him, water coming in fast, and there is an extra that runs out of the place the captain is looking at, and bounces off a wall in a totally nonintuitive and unnatural way.

There is a great contrast between the passengers of Titanic pre-collision and post-collision. I'm amazed by the attention James Cameron paid to this contrast, and how incredibly well he did it. Right now I have the movie paused at 2 hours 30 seconds. This is where all the extras in the film are playing their parts with terrific authenticity. They are being unnatural in a completely natural way.
Suddenly everyone's movements are incredibly clumsy, exaggerated, nearly nonsensical. People are behaving like broken automatons. Running in ways that wouldn't make sense, ordinarily. Falling down in bizarre ways, or in sharp angles. Walking around in circles....

Gone are the fluidic, polished, graceful, sophisticated ways of Edwardian society... All of this adds to the sense that everything is absolutely and utterly falling apart. There is a sense of madness and brokenness. Our very perception of reality is changed.

This may or may not have anything to do with the actual sinking and how it really happened, but I just wanted to share my observation. Anyone else want to add to it!?
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Nov 14, 2005
I think Cameron had them overact for the dramatic effect on film. No telling how people are going to act in a crisis. I've been in a couple of a situations that I would call pretty dicey. Some people get hysterical and some just freeze up. But I'm sure the final minutes of Titanic many were panicking. Totally understandable if they did. Sometimes desperation is all you have left.

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