An Overturned Regular Boat

Logan Geen

Dec 2, 2001
In thier book The Titanic Conspiracy Robin Gardiner and Dan van der vat both make references to Captain Lord, Captain Rostron and Marion Thayer sighting an overturned regular lifeboat (not a collapsible) in the water. When I have a moment I'd like to scan the Inquiry transcripts to see if this is true (this book isn't among the more reliable sources) but it is an interesting and odd question nonetheless. I have to ask: How would one tell the difference if the boats were upside down? Collapsible B had sunk fairly low in the water, so from a distance would the difference really be obvious? It was a very strange point they raised. Hmmm. Just curious as to what others may have thought.

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
There is a well known photo of collapsible B alongside a boat from the Mackay Bennett and part of the collapsible section is just visible above water - though possibly not enough to show from a distance.

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