An Un-Doable Idea, but an Idea Nevertheless

May 1, 2004
Pacifique du Nord
I don't think it would be possible to carry out my idea for these three perfect additions to any Titanic exhibition, due to ambulance chasing lawyers. And all that implies.

It seems to me nobody has an idea of the temperature that night. So, in addition to the existing goods, chattels &c. of any exhibit, construct as close to an exact replica of say, one quarter of the boat deck. In a separate room from the rest of the exhibit. The air temperature was something like 4F. with the wind chill before the ship struck the iceberg. So, maintain the temperature on the replica of the boat deck at whatever it was. There was nothing to stop the draft from circling and eddying around. There would be no special warm clothing for any exhibit patrons to wear to keep the chill off. Many passengers left their cabins in only a silk nightgown or pajamas, never to return for warmer clothing.

The other thing would be a vat, for lack of a better term, of water at a steady 28F. See how long your arm would last up to the elbow.

Another addition would be the boat deck exhibit containing real lifeboats, exact replicas of the ones used. And a real drop down the side of the boat deck to water below. There would need to be some mechanism to mimic the oblivion facing passengers who sat facing outward as the lifeboat was lowered.

I could flesh these additions out, but most of us already have an idea of how it would alter anybody's delusions that the sinking was in any way romantic.

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