Andrea Campbell

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Hey all–

I can’t believe a site like E-T exists. How wonderful for the recent attack of Titanic OCD I seem to be having.

As for when it all began, I was 13 (1985) and a subscriber to National Geographic’s World Magazine, which published pictures of the found Titanic on its cover (as those of us who are old enough know). The pictures of the debris field imbedded in my mind so much, almost like pinging to whatever childish understanding of tragedy I had back then, and I would continually read the story and study the images. I was very excited to receive more pictures of Ballard’s second dive the next year. The rest of my teenage years were not concerned with the Titanic at all, and the World Magazines were eventually thrown out (which is a bummer now). But like all tragically linked phenomena, my interest resurfaced in 1993, after my mom died. I picked up several books, although I could never find the Shan Bullock book about Thomas Andrews back then (which now I finally have), and I saw those two 1950s movies, ANTR and Titanic! Until recently, I refused to see Cameron’s Titanic because I was petrified he would Hollywood it up. Which he did, but for whatever reason, as I was watching it this year instead of the Emmys, the fascination that had been dwelling in me for so long took over and is now speeding along. So here I am.

The posts I’ve read so far mostly concern books, and I know there is a lot more out there to read. From what I’ve seen on here so far, I’m impressed by the collective knowledge and research, and I’m looking forward to using this site as my main resource. It never gets old.

Anyway, cheers!

Jason D. Tiller

Hi Andrea,

Welcome aboard! This is the best site for all things Titanic.

The images in those National Geographic magazines are excellent, one image that has stayed with me for a long time is the one with the crew member's boots on the seafloor. It definitely speaks for itself.

It's good to hear from you and see you around the board.

Best regards,

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