Andrea Doria : wish there was a movie

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>I never once heard anyone once say "jolly good show, chap" or "Git off yer bum and swab the foc'sle you scurvy knave"

Oh, so you missed the restored director's version?
>>When did Gloucester, Massachusetts, get moved out of the United States? That's what I missed! <<

So did the people in Gloucester, unless the "Big One" which was supposed to dump Los Angeles into the Pacific happened in Massachusetts and nobody noticed!
We on the West Coast got so tired of being hit by earthquakes we rammed a resolution through Congress declaring earthquakes an Equal Opportunity Disaster. Massachusetts is now the new Atlantis...

I know a lot of people say that JC's "Titanic" was to "Americanized" but where is the British director and British Film studios when you need/want them?
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