Andrew Latimer Chief Steward

John Whelan

Apr 21, 2006
I have recently discovered through an Aunt
that My Late Uncle Jack Latimer's Father was
Andrew Latimer.Has anybody any relevant info as i have a file on Andrew that my late Uncle kept.
Jul 12, 2003
Hi John...just an idea...have you checked any genealogical sites for others working on this line? I've been doing genealogy for years and it is very rewarding. I'm sure there are lots of people out there who are connected to Titanic passengers.

Martin Heys

Sep 11, 2009
Andrew Latimer was my Gt Gt Grandfathers Robert Cowley)cousin. Andrews mother, Margaret Tate was the sister of Roberts mother. I cant remember her name at the moment but have the information. The Tate family came from Longtown near Carlisle. My Great Aunty Sissy was one of Roberts daughters. When I was a young boy Aunty Sis always used to tell us that Uncle Andy (Latimer) would come around to the house and meet up with her dad to talk about their lives at sea. Robert was also a merchant seaman and was a qualifed marine engineer.

I would be pleased to hear John Whelan. I am aware that he posted his message six years ago, but who knows!

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