Andrews Memorial Hall in Comber and Titanic Memorial Garden in Belfast

Hey guys, I have had the opportunity to visit recently the Andrews Memorial Hall, and Titanic Memorial and Titanic Memorial Garden in Belfast. The Andrews Memorial Hall celebrated its centennary. It was a great feast. Did you know, that the daughter of "Tommy" Andrews,Elba, helped laying the foundation stone in 1914? The Memorial in Belfast was dedicated in 1920, with the help of the shipyard workers, victim's families..... And it is now a centre of Titanic Memorial Garden, which is to commemorate the victims - passengers and crew. The Garden was opened in 2012 during Titanic Centennary. And I also saw Titanic Belfast, the Docks and S.S.Nomadic. Incredible experience, you know? Those who havent been there, should go definitely. It will stay with me forever. You can share your experience, those who have visited the same memorial places as I did....