Anna Mae Dickinson


Darren Honeycutt

I was reading a website that stated that Anna Mae Dickinson is the last Titanic survivor living and that she is 102 living in New York City. Has this false claim been discussed before? If it has, I sure did miss it.
Michael H. Standart

Michael H. Standart

I don't know if it's ever been discussed but whoever made that claim should hook up with Millvina Dean and Barbara West Dainton. I'm sure they would be quite amused to learn that they had passed to The Great Beyond and failed to notice the event.

christina gilpin

I also just noticed this story on the internet and was curious about it. I know this thread is old. But figured may as well post in same topic.

At the time i thought name sounded familiar. But there wasnt even any dickinsons aboard. Unless she was married since Titanic and took on name dickinson. But to me story sounds farfetched some. She had a family member die in nearly every well know disaster. I just find this interesting.

Any other thoughts

Mark Baber

Staff member
The New York Intelligencer, the supposed source of this story, is a fictitious publication, as far as I know.