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Anna Sjöblom

Discussion in 'Third Class Passengers' started by Antiscamp, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Antiscamp

    Antiscamp Member

    I have found something relating to Anna Sjöblom that I find interesting and would like a few comments on. Her inspection card when boarding the Titanic was saved as she had it with her on the Carpathia, and led to a legal battle in the 90's as it sold for 100,000 dollars at an auction. An image of that inspection card is also reproduced on Anna's Encyclopedia Titanica page.


    I find that you can see her cabin number in the image. It is to the lower right of the big right hand side number "2". I interpret what is written there as 04/134. that would mean bed number 04 in cabin number 134, wouldn't it? The Berth number should be to the lower left of the "2", but someone has erased that and changed it. Maybe they gave Anna another cabin at boarding when they noted she spoke Swedish and not Finnish. Gave her a cabin with Swedish passengers instead. Here's another image of Anna's card:


    Now, I was just googling Titanic inspection cards to see if I could find a similar one to compare. And yes. I found another one from cabin 134, but with bed number 02! This one belonged to Velin Öhman from Sweden. Claes-Göran Wetterholm's book on Nordic Titanic passengers has only a few words on Velin Öhman. She was 22 and from Mariestad, Sweden, and on her way to Chicago.

    Inspection Card Velin.jpg

    It's rather miraculous that two cards of this sort should have survived the Titanic disaster. Anna Sjöblom said that she had her card safe because she had it in a pouch that she had sown inside her jacket as to never lose her paperwork. Maybe the girls in that cabin 134 did that together to pass some time and as a cool thing to do.

    I'd like some opinions, because to me it's kinda important to find out what Anna's cabin was and where.
  2. The cabin given to her was changed because she changed the ship. She actually was going with the Adriatic but her sailing was cancelled and she was transferred to Titanic.
    Her cabin was at the stern on D Deck, Section O, Cabin 134, Bed No. 4.
  3. Using the Deck Plan from Bruce Beveridge I have marked here her cabin, which was for 6 people. The cabin was close to the 3rd class staircase (and to the only 2 bathtubs for the 3rd class passengers).

    Sjlöbloms Cabin.jpg
  4. Antiscamp

    Antiscamp Member

    Thank you. It is quite cool indeed to find her cabin and also to clearly know one of her cabin mates!
  5. B-rad

    B-rad Member

    I just visited her grave (respectfully) and have been doing a lot of research of her lately as literally she lived in my neighborhood. I plan on doing an in depth research article and possibly a documentary of her life. I ask anyone who has any relations or info to contact me. I will only do the paper or doc. If its done true and legitimately. I've never visited a grave of a person from titanic and to say that it didn't make me respect my obligation as a researcher would be a lie.
  6. Antiscamp

    Antiscamp Member

    Hey! I'm not related to Anna Sjöblom, but I'm related to one of her travelling companions, Alfred Bonäs (in my profile pic) and come from Anna's home area. My older relateives around here, in fact, remember Anna Sjöblom very well, because she came home to visit Finland at about 1970 (she died in -75), and made a lasting impression.

    There's an interview Anna made with Finnish State Media, YLE, in 1970. It's in Swedish (or Swenglish, actually, because Anna had forgotten much of her Swedish during the time in America) that you can listen to here: Överlevande från Titanic I think I made a translation of it into English; I'll see if I can find it.
  7. B-rad

    B-rad Member

    Thanks, so very much, that is awesome! I appreciate it! Perhaps we can talk more later about Alfred and her home area. Any help will be well mentioned in my report or doc. Got to run for now, but just wanted to say thank!
  8. B-rad

    B-rad Member

    Will need a translation for sure lol. It's amazing to have a recording of her voice. I have so many questions, but I will write you what I have so far in a message and some questions. I really want to do a documentary film so this project will take a while, so please bare with me. I am trying to get a hold of family that still lives here also. Like I said long process! ☺