Anna Warren (Atkinson)

I was talking to my father and we got on the subject of the Titanic, he informed me that we were related to Anna Warren, I have found some information on her and her husband, news articles that she had after making it home.

I am wondering if there is anyway that I can get some kind of 'proof' for her being a relative, or to research it more. My mom and dad are doing a 'titanic' theme in their guest bedroom and getting things that are like the titanic, and i think it would be really neat if we could put a little bit of our own family in it.
Hallo, Stephanie. What you need to do is create a family tree by working backwards , starting with your parents and grandparents, and following every branch as far as you can. Just by talking to your oldest relatives you'll probably get the basic details as far back as the 1930s at least. You might find Anna Warren somewhere along the way, but if not I'm sure you'll find people who are interesting for other reasons. If you're new to this kind of research it would be helpful to join one of the online family history communities like, or Google for websites which give basic advice for genealogy searches.