Annie Caton Turkish bath attendant

:::I would have thought that a strange woman getting her hands all over a man's semi-naked body would have been considered very risque back in 1912.:::

And vice versa, of course. The female Turkish Bath attendants were on hand to cater to the female passengers while the male attendants dealt with the men.

john henry caton

I understand that Phill Gowan as a picture of Annie Caton circa 1900,I would like to discuss this with him, perhaps adding three more chapters to his book on "Annies Story"

Inger Sheil

Hallo John - Welcome to the board. I've moved your post out of 'Passengers' and to a pre-existing Annie Caton thread.

Phil Gowan has posted his email address here in the past, so I'll give it to you again: [email protected]

Be fascinating if you two can put your information together!

john henry caton

Hello Inger- Thank you for the info. I have used the email address that you gave me without success,and wonder is there another one? admittedly my skills with a computer are very limited, what I would like to know is Annie Caton married name following her marriage post Titanic
Engineer Sub Lieutenant Peter Caton, R.N.R., was a survivor of the Republic sinking, in January, 1909. In 1912, he had the opportunity to join the Titanic, but, owing to his wife not wanting to move from their home in Birkenhead, Merseyside, England, to Southampton, Peter Caton never went. He was serving on board the Laurentic at the time, having been serving on her since she had been taken over by the White Star Line. In January, 1917, he lost his daughter, Maude (aged 19), and 10 day's later sailed on the Laurentic, and was lost when that ship hit two mines and sank on the evening of 25th January, 1917. Could Peter Caton be related to Annie Caton ???
Have been doing research on Annie Caton. Here is what I've come up with

Annie Caton married William Howland, a shop keeper. They lived at 55 Berner St, Merewether, Newcastle, Australia. She gave a brief interview in 1934 to 'The Barrier Miner' .

"It was .almost impossible to think that anything could be wrong with such a leviathan," said Mrs. Howland, "were it not for the enomous tilt downwards in tho bows, where the water was by now up'to the lowest row of portholes. At about 2 o'clock she appeared to be settling rapidly, with the bows and the bridge completely under water. She slowly tilted straight on end with the stern verti-cally upwards. At the same time the boiler and machinery roared down through the vessel, with a glancing rattle that could have been heard for miles in the silence of the night It wa» certainly for some minutes that we saw ct least 150ft. of the Titanic towering up above the level of the sea, looming black and saddening against tho sky. Then, with a quiet, slanting dive she disappeared beneath the waters."

Mark Baber

She gave a brief interview in 1934 to 'The Barrier Miner' .

Don't you just love the National Library of Australia newspaper archive, Mike?
I do! I've passed the link onto quite a few researchers. We are lucky that many newspapers are now digitizing. Now, there's no excuse for researchers to just use the NYT for books and projects.
Hi my wife is the granddaughter of Annie Caton and we also have no photos..Annie gave birth to a boy on sixth September 1905 at 28 Gloucester Road Kensington London. My wife's farther..
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