Annie Caton

The first line of the biography shows Annie aged 50 and this has been repeated in all the articles I have seen about her. In fact, she was aged 33 years born in 1879 (see top right). Annie was the grandaughter of my 2x great grandmother's brother so I am able to confirm that she was born in 1879 and was the manageress of baths before signing on the Titanic.
there has to be more to her story than what is listed Annie Aton was a native of pentoneillie, Middlesex, England and had never married. With blue eyes and brown hair, she was 5'4" tall and a bit plump. Annie trained as a nurse and worked as a massage therapist on London prior to going to sea. Annie signed onto the Titanic as a turkish bath attendent. On the nightof the siinking Annie and Maud Slocombe Made their way to the boat deck after being alerted to the ships peril.
I teach at Pyron - Clarksville Ar. I have a young lady doing a report on Annie. I have been helping her saw this and thought worth a shot. We have been looking for a pic or any extra info on Annie. Thank you Debbie Osburn