Annie Clemmer Funk

i dont know if it could be but, james b. funk is my great uncle... hes still alive maybe and anne is my grandmothers middle name. i can see a resemblence. yet im only 11. funk is my grandmothers maiden name. DANG!


I went to the Titanic Exhibit in Greensboro NC today and I received Miss Funk's boarding pass.  I wanted to learn more about her.  I'm sure she was a great lady.
I saw the exhibit in NYC a few years ago and was given Annie's boarding pass as well. Coincidentally, I have an ancestor named Funk too. Wonder if I am distantly related to Annie?
Hi. I am doing some research on my family tree. I have a great great grandfather named Peter Funk who lived in NYC. I saw the Titanic exhibit a few years ago there and was coincidentally given Annie Funk's boarding pass. I saw your post on Encyclopedia Titanica and am wondering if perhaps Annie and Peter were related? Do you know of any relatives of hers with his name?


Hi! This website is so helpful! I appretiate all of the information put on here... But i have one complaint.... There is some information that i had to look up on a diffrent cite.... But i appreciate the help and effort! Thankyou and have a great day!!!
She left Janjgir by train to Bombay, boarded the Persian and disembarked at Marseille. The train and boat brought her to England and finally to Liverpool, where the Haverford carried her home to America. It should read where the Haverford was to have carried not just carried -it didn't happen!
to the Guy that's living in her old school I would love to talk to you more about her and maybe get a pic of something of it. my aunt and I are writing our family history down and Annie IA my great great great aunt could you please add me to your face book? thanks mg email is [email protected]

Arun Vajpey

I first heard about Annie Funk back in 1972 when I was a gawky 17 year old and my interest in the Titanic was marginal at best. I was visiting Bombay and one evening, returning from the cinema, found myself in a local suburban train that was diverted due to some urgent line repairs. We had a lot of time as a result and I got talking to a fellow passenger, a local merchant who was originally from Janjgir in Madhya Pradesh state (That part is now called Chattisgarh). Somehow the conversation got around to the Titanic and he told me that in Jangjir there was a church where here was a small memorial for a German-American Titanic Victim named Annie Funk. The school that she opened in 1907, later called Annie C Funk Memorial Girls' School, is reportedly in ruins today but the outer wall and memorial still exist.

Over 25 years later in 1998 I tried to get some more information about how Miss Funk died on board the Titanic. There are stories that she made it to Lifeboat #13, only to get out to make way for a mother and child; some even claim that these were Ruth Becker and her mother. Other stories say that she was about to enter the lifeboat when she was "pushed aside" by another woman and was unable to find a place afterwards. She became one of the 12 'lost ladies' from Second Class.

If there is any further information about Annie Funk before and during the disaster, please post it here.