Annie List And the Term “Krisnotko.”

Mar 17, 2018
I was just reading the book “Voices From the Carpathia: Rescuing RMS Titanic” by George Behe (2015, The History Press). It is a compilation of some very rare correspondence written by Carpathia passengers, and is edited by one of the pre-eminent Titanic historians of modern times. I was interested in particular to the letter of Annie List (which appears to be in the Museum archives of the Titanic Historical Society). The letter is on pages 112 and 113 of Behe’s book. It appears to have been written by Ms. List on April 17, 1912, the day before Carpathia returned to New York with the survivors. At the end of the letter to her friend (a certain “Olga”), “Anna” signs the letter with “Your sincere friend and krisnotko.” Since I am interested in learning the meaning of unusual phrases, I tried to find out the meaning of “krisnotko,” but even the Internet has not been very helpful. I was wondering if anyone here might know what it means. I have found my fellow enthusiasts to be quite knowledgeable.
Nov 14, 2005
Well since she talks of Hungary in her letter and "notko" is a last name used in that country and other places in europe it could be a name. Other immigrants arrived from europe with that last name. Maybe she changed her name from Kris Notko to a more american name as many did in those days but to her friend she will always be "krisnotko". But thats just speculation on my part. But it might be a direction to hunt in if nothing else comes up. Cheers.
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