Annie Margaret Hold


James Hill

was Annie Hills grandad James Hill involved with the Mohegan disaster when Pourthoustock lifeboat was launched?even though they didnt rescue many (only 43 were saved).if you have any info on this man leave it here and if you have anything that isnt in Annie Hills biography leave it on relations in Crew Research here.oh i checked great sea disasters about the lifeboat he served on.

Mike Herbold

Steve Coombes wrote an article entitled "Mrs. Annie Margaret Hold - Titanic passenger" which appeared in the journal of the British Titanic Society, the "Atlantic Daily Bulletin", number 3, 1999. It is a lengthy article, almost two full pages long, with no pictures. You can probably order a reprint copy of that issue from the editor, Brian Ticehurst, for a nominal price.
The article goes into great detail about the 1898 wreck of the SS Mohegan, and Mr. Hill's role in the saving of 57 lives.