Annie May Stengel's ribs


Michael Edwards

I often wondered what happened to Annie May Stengal when her ribs got broken when a man jumped into the boat knocking her unconscious and breaking some of her ribs.

Can anyone shed some light on this story?

Thank you

Robert T. Paige

"Dr H.W. Frauenthal, meanwhile, having seen his wife take a seat in number five, decided with his brother to jump from the deck to join her as the boat began to be lowered away barely two-thirds full. Even so the doctor managed to land on Mrs Annie Stengel (sic) , a first class passenger who until then doubtless thought she was safe from immediate harm. His boots broke two of her ribs and knocked her unconscious; but despite the cold and the extra pain , she lived to dine out on the story."
-"The Titanic Conspiracy", by Robin Gardiner and Dan Van Der Vat, Page 105

There are some others posts on the ET that Mrs Stengel passed away in 1956.


As ever Mark Baber always comes to the rescue.

Words fail me. I can see Mark that you're a devoted man, making sure that the proper justice is rightfully presented for each of those who were effected by this terrible tragedy nearly a hundred years ago.

Keep the good work up Mark because I value your commitment.

Mark Baber

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Thanks for the kind words, Andrew. Much appreciated.