Annie ObGreefa

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Annie O'Greefa

Hi, I'm a 36 yr old mom who is living in Memphis, TN for the moment. I have three kids, including a 7 yr old son who is absolutely fascinated with the Titanic (but, whereas my fascination is primarily the people, his is the ship. He spends hours designing, "blue-printing", and building ships and has been since he was 5!) and a daughter born on the 83 anniversary of it's sinking. Like several other people my interest was sparked by reading "A Night to Remember" as a child. As if that isn't dull enough, I'm trying to start a typing/research business: I figure I might as well turn something I love--historical research--into something resembling a career.

Pat Cook

Hey, Annie,

It's worth the trip, trust me. You meet the best people. And this is the best place to meet, research and confab with them.

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