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Just thought I see what people have planned in remembrance of the 104th Anniversary. I don't know of anything going on in the greater Tacoma/Seattle area, so I plan on watching Titanic (1953), A Night to Remember, and James Cameron's Titanic on the 14th. May have a meal from the Titanic menu, but if weather is nice, might BBQ instead. At work (UPS — not the shipping company) I am having the students randomly ask me Titanic questions, from the 10th — the 15th. So far they have asked some pretty good ones.

So what is anyone else doing? Maybe I can steal some ideas.

Oh yes, also haveing gin and Titonics- with the great ice cube set. Gin

Nothing much. I'm working on D Deck in my model.

Grand Staircase and Reception Room
IMG 0395

Third Class Open Space
IMG 0397

Port Bow Cutaway (Tank Top to D deck)
IMG 0399

IMG 0395

IMG 0397

IMG 0399
That's awesome Tim and Christophe. One day I would love to make an interactive guide of the flooding, where you can watch it flood in real time, either in a profile view or by deck, following the most likely route of the water (based on design and testimony). Then as soon as certain key events happen a dot or something will appear, and one can click on it to follow the timeline of events. Of course, one would be able to fast forward, or just if they want to see the most likely way B deck flooded they can just watch that, with a time indicator. Maybe someone else with better skills will do this before me, which is fine, cause I honestly don't even know yet where to start, as right now its just an idea I have.
That's a bit similar to what I planned. I wanted to make another compilation of Titanic movies, but one which was 2 hours 40 minutes long and showed the events in the same timescale as it happened in 1912. Maybe within exactly one year, I'll show this off on YouTube...
Today I already accomplished 3 things:
- I uploaded my Titanic tribute:

- I uploaded a short of The Big Bang Theory:

- I promised myself to make another tribute within exactly one year: 2 hours 40 minutes long, historically correct, following the timescale.

They form a great tribute to the anniversary we all remember today.
Just in case someone missed it, Titanic Honor & Glory team published a 2h 40 min animation of the sinking as a tribute to the 104th anniversary.
Check it out in case you have not seen it, their work is still in progress but it's pretty cool!
Titanic sinks in REAL TIME - 2 HOURS 40 MINUTES

It's awesome. Somebody also uploaded a real-time video of the sinking a few months ago and it's just as cool.
It won't be ready this year, but in 2018, Clive Palmer's Titanic II is scheduled to be finished. ;)
To be honest the anniversary passed by in a flash this year so I didn't really get the chance to commemorate it much, but since I'm hopeless at any sort of construction, I'd like to try and write some sort of Titanic or maritime based story in the near future. Just need to get some ideas for inspiration - and time to put them into practice, of course!

I made dinner for myself and friends and showed them A Night To Remember. None of them had ever seen it and they had so many questions afterward so there was plenty of discussion to be had.

Chicken Lyonnaise - 1st Class

Curried Chicken and Rice - 2nd Class
Curried Chicken

Vegetable Soup - 3rd Class (unfortunately forgot the chard)

Dessert was vanilla ice cream with lemon zest and cracked sea salt.

I, too, am stunned by that timeline. It's got me thinking about a lot of possibilities. But has me so hyped for Honor and Glory.

And Tim, it's nice to see a fellow Minecrafter here. Unfortunately I'm not building my own, I have Deadkoala's Titanic which I'm renovating to make as accurate as I can within the creative constraints of Minecraft. But it's been so helpful in learning the layout.


Curried Chicken

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Thanks Anthony for sharing. Srry for the long delay. As someone who has worked in the culinary business for A LONG time, that food looks amazing! Wish I could have been there for the conversation. I only had me and my lovely wife (and a later friend for Cameron's), so not to much discussion as my wife has heard most of it before. lol.