Another loss to theTitanic Ccommunity

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Bob Mervine

Sep 1, 2000
I'm not sure where to best post this note -- but since some of you knew Bill Walden -- many of you check this board regularly. I thought — for whatever it is worth — that it might be of interest. I just came across the news however Bill died close to a month ago now.
Bill managed his own Titanic page
Subject: Bill Walden

Dear List,

It is with regret and sadness that I must inform the list of the
passing of Bill Walden on February 6, 2001. Bill Walden, as many here
will attest, was passionate about Titanic. He loved discussing and
debating the many issues that surrounded this grand ship. He argued
passionately about protecting the ship from being salvaged and while
he clashed with many on this issue, no one denied he was sincere in
his beliefs.

I respectively ask many to take a moment of silence to remember him
in thought and prayer. A message that was sent to me has the
particulars about the memorial servie and who to contact. I will
contact the niece and post an address where people can send

Rest in peace, Bill.

The family of William Walden regrets to inform you of his passing, on
February 6th at Rouge Valley Medical Center, in Medford, Oregon.
Arrangements are being handeled by Abbey's Funeral, 2680 N. Pacific
Hwy, Medford, OR 97501. Memorial services will be held Saturday,
February 10th at 2 pm at Stearns Cemetery, on Anderson Creek Road in
Talent, Oregon.
If you would like to respond his niece will handle this. Her e-mail
address is [email protected].

The Walden Family
Bill Walden
Talent, Oregon, USA
Mar 3, 1998
To some of us in the community, Bill's webpage is his legacy. Has anyone who might be closer to Bill than myself given thought to picking up the page and continuing it?

Dec 31, 2000
I am so sorry to hear of Bill's passing. I had NO idea. Thank you for letting us know. May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding be with his family.

Jun 10, 1999

It is from a separate Titanic discussion forum that I first learned of the passing of Mr. Bill Walden. I was saddened from hearing the news. However Bill and I stood opposed in our feelings of salvage from TITANIC, nonetheless he always expressed respect in our private exchanges...

...Bill's exemplification of moral excellence!

RIP my friend...

Michael Cundiff
Dec 13, 1999
Along with Bill's name we must also include Ted Dowding (nephew of second class passenger Clear Cameron). Ted died a couple of days ago, his quest to determine what became of his aunt unfinished. Ted's book "Clear To America" was a fascinating little story, the Titanic world will be poorer for his passing. My deepest sympathy to his widow Dinah.


Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
Geoff -

Entirely agree with you about the loss of Ted.

He was one of the finest gentlemen it has been my privilege to meet. He had the keenest, sharpest mind - but there was nothing 'cutting' in him. An extraordinarily gentle person with a wicked sense of humour.

He had a worldwide circle of friends and admirers - what started for many of us as simple correspondence about the book became a friendship, largely through the warmth of his marvelous personal charm.

I do hope that he now knows what happened to Clear.

Thoughts and prayers to his beloved Dinah, their daughter Mel, and the many people that loved him.


Pat Cook

Apr 26, 2000
Some over here in the U S A had a chance to see Ted recently in a Fox Televised world wide Auction where many 'amazing' items were auctioned off live - items such as a full Pachycephalosaurus skeleton, some early American items,...and a letter mailed from Titanic by Clear Cameron. Ted was shown in a videotape telling about the letter.

Personally, I only have two letters from Ted; he was a thorough researcher and quite generous and helpful to a stranger from another country. The Titanic community has lost not only a fellow researcher but a true gentleman and we are all diminished.

Pat Cook
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