Another Queen Mary 2 Article

John Clifford

Mar 30, 1997
In the May 31st edition of "The New Yorker", on page 39, is an article by Simon Schama, entitled "Sail Away". Mr. Schama talks about his experience on the westbound crossing. The article is on page 39. It also includes an unusual painting by Ralph Stedman (deried on a comparison of the QM2 and the Concorde).

I found it interesting, since Jason and I were also aboard. I will post some more about it, later today or tomorrow. I'll also have to send a copy of it to Jason, as well as a QM2 postcard that was sent to me by a gentleman in England; I'll also have to send him a thank you email/letter.
Jul 11, 2001
In the Travel Section of todays newspaper there was an article on the QM2. It was written by Arline Bleecker of the Orlando Sentinel. The Title was The Underwhelming QM2.


"I found the Queen Mary 2 ho-hum, and the ships decor so understated as to be underwhelming"
it aslo goes on the say the QM2 is perfect for trans-Atlantic crossings but less so for fun-in-the-sun Caribbeans sailings, especially compared with, say, Royal Caribbean's Voyager-class vessels with their rock-climbing walls and full-sized basketball courts.

Oh well. Can't please them all! Or better yet, "What ever floats your boat"


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