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Another Stewardess Plymouth Photo

Discussion in 'Titanic Stewardesses' started by Charles, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. Charles

    Charles Member

    Hello everybody,

    I am not sure if the ET community knew a second Plymouth photo of Stewardesses existed, so here it is.


    I have four things to add regarding identifying these stewardesses:

    -No other Stewardesses have been proven to resemble Violet Jessop nor Mary Sloan (therefore, "probably" can now be erased).

    -An episode of Antiques Road show Chenies Manor had this photo of Elizabeth Leather. Therefore, the lady believed to be her in the group photo may be Mabel Bennett (who owned a coat similar to what was worn in the photo). Elizabeth Leather looks more like the stewardess to the far right.

    -Although the restaurant cashiers may have been in the group photo, it would have been highly unlikely as it seems that only White Star Line crew members were in the photo.

    - Sara Stap, Annie Caton, Mabel Bennett, Katherine Smith, and Elizabeth Lavington don't have any photos out in the open web. Thus, they are also possibilities for the two unidentified Stewardesses on the far left next to Jessop.

    These are just observations. If anyone has photos of Stap, Caton, Bennett, Smith, or Lavington (even at an older or younger age), please don't hesitate to post because it might help us identify the rest of the people in this photo.

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  2. Yes it is the 2nd photograph taken of them where the faces are mainly visible. Here is the more common one with some names added from me.

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  3. Charles

    Charles Member

    Hello, I have things to clarify,

    If anyone got confused by my post above, I posted the family photo of Elizabeth Leather above.

    Mabel Bennett has to be the one behind Violet Jessop and Maude Slocombe because she is the only one wearing fur coat like the one auctioned other than Hypatia McLaren.

    As for the second to left stewardess who is beside Jessop, I change my mind and would go ahead and write her down as a "probably" instead of possibly until another photo arises that confirms her identity.

    Sorry about that,
  4. Charles

    Charles Member

    Hey Ioannis,

    They just updated what they believe some of the identities of the Stewardesses were:

    -Annie Martin's identity was apparently confirmed (probably through a photo of her resting on a deck chair)

    -Mabel Bennett was actually Hypatia McLaren (a new photo got posted of her on her profile).

    - Mary Roberts has now been listed as "probably Emma Bliss" (through new photos posted of her)

    -Jane Kate Gold has now been listed as "probably Mary Gregson"

    -Hypatia McLaren's old believed identity is now listed as "unknown"

    Here is the link to the updated stewardess page:

    Emma Bliss:
    -The photo received of her was taken by the Toronto Daily Star in 1939

    Hypatia McLaren:https://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/titanic-survivor/mclaren.html
    -The caption claims that McLaren was the one to serve Lucile Duff Gordon, so I am not sure if Sara Stap really was on A-Deck now.
  5. Charles

    Charles Member

    Another update-

    I found a photo of Mary Roberts around the time she survived the Rohilla Sinking in 1914 at this link: Centenary: The Loss of HMHS Rohilla

    -We could add her and Elizabeth Leather as possibilities for the stewardess to the far right next to Prichard

    Still trying to match a name to the two unidentified Stewardesses on the left, but for now here is what the identities look like:

    Left to Right: unknown, unknown, Violet Jessop, Mabel Bennett (?), Maude Slocombe, Hypatia McLaren, Mary Sloan, Annie Robinson, Emma Bliss, unknown (Gregson or Gold), Annie Martin, Alice Prichard, unknown (Roberts or Leather)