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many people die everyday but titanic it is a big mistake! my eyes are grow for this movie but i'm not happy because are died children,women,men!!!!!!!! i do everything to save they but i can't!!!someone survive in this dezaster but ......they live with black dreams because their family are died!i cry everyday because i want to save the children but are 99 years on this mistake!!!!!respect for the people who care about this or who jump in the ocean and visite the titanic!! please who is listening me now up the titanic and search on this both clothes ,diamants or picture !i care about this and i do everything for this both who were the name TITANIC! with respect and love,alexandra!!!!


Those people, chilren, men and women... When I am reading this list, I always cry. Children like me, without a chance to go to lifeboat. Many people are unidentified, they were buried in sea forever.

Parker Thompson

what was his grandpas name i wonder if you know comment down below plzzz