Any artifacts left?

Lindsey Casco

Oct 11, 2015
I'm curious to know if there anything else down there? Is it just ship now? Or did everyone collected it all and put it in a museum?


Jun 9, 2016
One might conclude the value of the artifacts doesn't warrant them being collected. Generally, the greater the supply, the lower the value. In this case, it's provenance that keeps the value high. Each piece was either gently enveloped by cold seawater, streaming into the hull, or swallowed up in a single large bite as the ocean covered the liner. Having seen several "Titanic" exhibits, I'm wondering how many plumbing fixtures and dishes one can stare at before they all merge into a blur. Yet I feel, the rightful place for all this material in a museum, or museums, around the world.

Rob Lawes

Jun 13, 2012
I can't help but feel that the rightful place for all these 'artefacts' is at the bottom of the ocean where they should have been left.

There is nothing of historical value down there that you can't find in most auctions around the UK. The only difference being the White Star logo and the link to Titanic.

I've never been to any of the exhibitions.

Gino Hart

Aug 21, 2016
South Africa
I recently worked as the tour guide and local historian at Titanic, the Artifact Exhibition while it was in South Africa. It truly is a magical experience being so close to history - and to be so close to them for six months in a row... priceless. It is still unreal for me to think - 144 real pieces from the Titanic, brought to the surface, preserved... learnt from. The journey they make to be with us all over the world - they are legends themselves. I will never forget the experience.

I was completely against the raising of artifacts - until I saw them with my own eyes, they touch you and you become ever more grateful that they will survive longer than our Titanic at the bottom of the sea. They have been "saved" from the Titanic s ultimate fate.

We all need to take a step backward - one day Titanic wont be there anymore. Yes it is a place of great death, a place of unrelenting horror - but the collapse will come. There is nothing more wrong with the raising of artifacts from the Titanic wreck than there is anything wrong with digging up artifacts from the pyramids of Egypt. I am quoting my favorite line here "So that the memory and history may be preserved for future generations" - TSSA.

If you ever get the chance to see them, work with them - do it! It is a once in a lifetime experience - literally. I miss it so.
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