Any differences in design of Olympic and Titanic's wireless rooms

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Jan 7, 2002
If this has been answered elsewhere, I apologize- Im wondering- were the Titanic and Olympic's wirless rooms, and adjoining silent rooms, etc, identical in design at the time of the Titanic sinking; or did these rooms differ due to modifications on the Titanic?

The wireless room on Olympic must have been frequently upgraded during her career, as the radio technologies advanced a great deal in the years leading up to her scrapping...


Tarn Stephanos

Paul Lee

Aug 11, 2003
According to the "Ocean Liners of the past", the Olympics Marconi room is at the port rear of the officers quarters, just in front of the Grand Staircase... however, I've heard that the actual location was on the port front of the quarters, about level with Collapsible 2. Which is right?


Mar 3, 1998

In 1911-1913, Olympic's Marconi Room was located along the port side of the Officer's Quarters, just aft of the expansion joint. It was decided after Olympic's debut that a room with a window looking out over Boat Deck was much more profitable as a stateroom, so that area became Stateroom Y and a passenger bath in Titanic. During Olympic's 1913 refit, her Marconi Room was relocated to the area where Titanic's was...along the centreline where the old Officer's Smoke Room and Pantry originally was located. The Marconi operators lost their window, but gained a skylight.

I have never heard of the Marconi Room being as far forward in any of the three Olympic-class ships as you suggest.

By the way, the location of the Marconi Room in the wreck (it is exactly where one would expect to find it from the Titanic deck plan, and not Olympic's) is yet another piece of solid evidence to disprove the theory that Olympic was switched with Titanic before the sinking.

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