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Any French members

Discussion in 'Lets Meet!' started by Paul Lee, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. Paul Lee

    Paul Lee Member

    Are there any French members around? If so, do they have a copy of the magazine "Sciences et Avenir", issue no.651 of May 2001?
    It is written by Frank Jubelin .The title of the article is "La véritable histoire du Titanic " ("The true story of the Titanic").

    Best wishes

  2. Nina Darcy

    Nina Darcy Member

    Hi Paul,

    I do not have a copy, but that sounds really interesting. If you find out where to get it, I would be excited to know.

    All the Best,

  3. Guest (R17)

    Guest (R17) Guest

    Hi I'm not french but I live in France. A place called MEZE by the sea near Momtpellier!
  4. Emilie

    Emilie Member

    Bonjour, Paul.

    I do live in France, in a town called Saint-Étienne, near Lyon.
    Unfortunately I don't have any copy of it, either...

  5. I used to live in Switzerland near France, and I know french, but unfortunatly I dont have that copy.
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  6. Emilie

    Emilie Member

    Oh, where did you lived? I spent my childhood in Annecy, an half hour from Switzerland border.
    Enchantée, Prokop.
  7. I lived in Morges, a town about 30 minutes from Geneva.
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  8. Emilie

    Emilie Member

    Nice. We were not far from each other... And it need a Titanic forum to talk.

    Sinon, il y a un grand forum francophone sur le Titanic, tright here.

  9. Sorry, but my French isn't that fluent because I know live in the United States. Pardon.
  10. Emilie

    Emilie Member

    No problem. Pardon me for my English grammar mistakes.
  11. Bully2323

    Bully2323 Member

    Hello ! I'm french and live near Lyon :)