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Sep 15, 2007
hello there i am new to this. My interest was stirred when on putting in the name of george moran this website appeared as his name was on a list of three posted in 2002 named in a magazine but not on the passenger list. George was my father and although this was never of real interest before things have come up recently that have made me want to know more. Have lots of things that say he ws on ship but no concrete proof. Any information or help would be appreciated. he did apparently work for white star line from about 1909 his best friend was a ned stone who did not survive.Him being a steward was mentioned and he was interviewed by a new york paper on arrival back there after the disaster.

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Dec 29, 2006
Hello Jacqueline,

As I understand it, George Moran, a publican from Abingdon (then in Berkshire but now regarded as part of Oxfordshire) claimed to have been aboard the Titanic, but was probably making it up as part of a "good story" for the customers in his pub. The Oxfordshire County Council web site claims that he was aboard the ship, but his name does not appear on any of the passenger or crew lists. Neither does his name appear in contemporary newpapers such as The Oxford Times.

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
There certainly was an Edward Stone among the crew victims. He was a bedroom steward in 2nd Class. Another victim was Edmund Stone, a 1st Class bedroom steward. 'Ned' was a familiar form of either 'Edward' or 'Edmund'.
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