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Alice Ann Green McNally

I'm looking for any information of George Green 3rd class passenger. Any advise would be appreciated, this is my beginning attempt to locate. He was lost at sea never identified.
Any family connections or photo's.
Thank's Alice
Dear Ms McNally,

According to various records, George Green
was born in Dorking, Surrey approximately 1872.
He was travelling to Lead, Colorado which I have
found suspicious since his occupation is listed
as farmer.
He was married to Theresa Morris and had
three children. He sailed under ticket number
21440, and as you know, boarded in Southampton.
I believe his middle name may have been Henry.
Hope this helps. Please E-Mail me privately
as I may have other details.


Brian Meister
Dear Alice,

George Henry Green was a blacksmith and lived at 1 Lyons Terrace, Dorking in Surrey. He was married to Theresa Jean Green (nee Morris) and had three children - Hilda, Kathleen and Olive. Some reports suggest that he had separated from his wife and that she had returned to her parents' home in Coventry. This, however is incorrect and may have come from a newspaper article which said that "after the break up of the family home, Mrs Green returned to her parents in Coventry". This, however was the terminology of the time and simply meant that the furniture had been sold off in preparation for the voyage. Theresa Green had intended following her husband out to South Dakota on Titanics' second trip.
I did have a photograph of George Green at work in his foundary, he was an athletic fellow with a huge moustache, so popular at the time. Unfortunately, I loaned it to an exhibition somewhere and it never came back!


Ashley Jean King

got more information
Mr George Henry,40,was born in 1861 in Dorking,surrey.He lived in Gunnislake,Cornwall for a long time and later moved back to Dorking,Surrey where he lived at 1lyons terrace.His wife Theresa Morris,originally of Coventry Warichshire they had 3 children.
After indifferent health and the Subseqent break up of his marriage he decided to emigrate to Lead City,South Dakota to seek work in the motor trade.He booked a third class passage on the Titanic.His wife and family had moved in to her parents house in Spon Street Coventry.George sent a postcard to his brother and law,EA Morris of Queen Victoria Road,Coventry,Showing the ship and her Dimensions,His message was lovely SAILING.
George was lost in the sinking,his bidy,if recovered,was never identifield.
Hpe yo have been some help ASHLEY!!!!!!!!