Any known photos of floating Titanic debris

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Jan 7, 2002
Save for the many photos of lifeboats approaching Carpathia, the photo of the overturned collapsible A, the photo of the abandoned lifeboat that contained 3 corpses, and the photo of the victim wearing a lifejacket being pulled onto a longboat, I have yet to see any pictures of floating Titanic debris, such as shattered paneling or deck chairs...
I am surprised that when the Minia and Mackay bennet recovered scores of victims, as well as odds and end of woodwork, noone seemed compelled to photograph the vast quanitity of bodies and shattered paneling spotted floating about...
They spotted a large quanity of aft grand staircase and 1st class dining room woodwork...
Im surprised as other liners passed near the site of the sinking and passed bodies and debris, no pictures were snapped or published-
But then again, does anyone know if there are any photos in period newspapers- or private hands- that depicts a sea filled with Titanic wreckwood?


Tarn stephanos
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