Any Old Iron by Anthony Burguess

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Cátia Lamy


Sometime ago I bought on sale this book called "Any Old Iron" (in portuguese: "FERRO VELHO"). I haven't read all the book yet, in fact I only read the Titanic subject on the book which is about 2 pages out of 327!!

To say the truth, I don't think this is of any good for Titanic research but I thought I should said this to you 'cause we should know what all of this books talk about.

Well, this books talks of the "Excalibur Sword" to the new things.
The Titanic part is about this guy, David Jones, who says that has work on Titanic cuisine, for the third class passengers. Don't botter to look on your survivors list because the author, Antonhy Burguess, says that there's no evidence of that but this guy word.

Well, the author says "dam" on every word is says, he says that the "Dam Murdoch killed a lot of people" and everyone is "dam". This is really stupid on my point of view. I didn't like it it doesn't bring anything new.

So, if you want to buy it anyway:
- on there's the book costing $8.95 or $20.00. (
- portugal: try any "Continente" sales of books (it cost me 895$00) or "FNAC" where it cost me 2950$00!!

If you want to know something else about this book just ASK!

Best regardings,
Cátia Lamy, Portugal
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