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Nicolas Roughol

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone knew of other message boards for discussing other great ocean liners than Titanic? This "Other ships and shipwrecks" section of ET is good but since ET is essentially about Titanic it might not be the best place for other ocean liners discussions...

As far as Internet sites are concerned, does anyone know what happened to ""? It seems to have been offline for quite some time now...

Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
There are other message boards out there, such as Andrew Clarkson's Titanic-Titanic. However, ocean liners are part and parcel of what this message board, and in particular, this folder, are all about. If other liners interest you, this is the place on this forum to discuss them.

Remco Hillen

Dec 13, 1999
Hello Nicolas,

A couple of weeks ago the same questions about the Great Oceanliners site was asked on the Debris, and a message from one of the webmasters was passed along:

In order to lower our
operation costs, Daniel and I decided to change webhosts in late May.
We cancelled our old server (which was very good, but a bit too
expensive) and established a new account with a much cheaper company. Well, it
didn't take long before the new webhost proved to be a very phoney
company. Although claiming to provide free traffic, they shut down our site
because it "generated too much bandwidth". Since then, I have been in
lenghty discussions with them in attempts to get our money back. Nothing
has come of it as of yet, unfortunately.

So, before we can put up TGOL again, we need a new webhost. I have
found a few good candidates, but due to our current financial situation
(summer is murder, moneywise, for students...), it probably won't be until
late August or early September before we can afford a new webhost.

However, it is our sincere intention to make TGOL available again as
soon as possible. Although our spark may have faded a bit lately, we
still believe that the work we have invested is worth too much to just be
thrown away. Add to this the number of people who find our site useful
and informative, and you have a few very good reasons to keep
maintaining it in the future.

So, please be patient for just a few more weeks. Thanks for
expressing your concern, and do feel free to pass this information along to
those whom it may concern.

Best regards, as always

/ Henrik


Nicolas Roughol

Thanks to both of you for the answers

Regarding Debris, I believe only the forums are still up. What's the URL for those btw?

Nicolas Roughol

Don't mind that last post of mine, I found them...
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