Any picks for THE best Titanic exhibit that ever took place

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Jan 7, 2002
A question for those of you who have seens many of the past and/or present Titanic Artifact Exhibitions.
Of all the exhibits, what shines as having been the best one of all?
Some pick Greenwich England and Hamburg Germany in the 90s as having been the best-
But HANDS DOWN-, the Titanic exhibit in Boston (June-Nov 1998) was the best, as not only did 2 reasearch ships from the 98'expedition (The ill fated Ocean Voyager and the Abielle Supporter) dock ACROSS THE STREET from the exhibit, but the Big Piece arrived straight from the wrecksite and was put on display at the Boston exhibit.
Plus we had a crack staff of hardcore Titanic buffs, so it was ana amazing experience...
What do you all think?


Tarn Stephanos
Sep 26, 1999
Tarn, I think your experience would be hard to beat but for me it was the exhibit in Saint Petersburg, Florida in 1998. I met Dennis Cochran there and was interested in hearing about his friendship with Eva Hart. Sadly, Eleanor Shuman was supposed to attend this exhibit but passed away in March of that year.

John Clifford

Mar 30, 1997
I, myself, really enjoyed the "Titanic: Fortune and Fate" Exhibit, in Newport News, Virginia; that was in March 1998.

That exhibit had some fun re-creations of areas of the ship, and historical pictures of Captain Smith and Molly Brown. There was also a recreation of a lifeboat, that one could sit in. And all this was with recreations of some of Ken Marschall's paintings.

I got pictures of me next to the historical pictures, with one making it look like Captain Smith was coming to tell me I was in the wrong area of the ship. That was because everyone received Passenger Information cards, and the employees at the Museum gave us descriptions of our characters. I mused that I was not able to get out of 2nd Class: I went through the exhibit twice, and I was both Lawrence Beesley and Father Thomas Byles. As Father Thomas Byles, I was praised as "a dear person", giving 11th-hour absolutions.

That was another exhibit where some of the people got to be Eva Dean. It was fun to tell someone, "I met your daughter", Millvina, and to say what a wonderful lady she is (of course NOT disclosing her current address, or other information).
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>I, myself, really enjoyed the "Titanic: Fortune and Fate" Exhibit, in Newport News, Virginia; that was in March 1998.<<

Damn! We must have missed each other. My ship was being overhauled at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at the time and I went to this exhibition. Revisited that museum several times afterwards.
Sep 26, 1999
John, I had almost forgotten about that exhibit. It was a very good exhibit. Notice the lady on the left walking on water? Another favorite of mine is the exhibit at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia. What makes this exhibit so unique is the actual wood pieces that came off the Titanic.

Lori Coleman

Feb 15, 2005
I, too, went to the Newport News 'Fortune and Fate' exhibit. Small world!

I am curious about the RMST exhibition at Baltimore's Maryland Science Center. The exhibit just opened Feb. 12. I hope to get up there to see it this summer. If anyone goes, please report on it!

Jason D. Tiller

Aug 20, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Great photo, Darren!

I agree with you about the Maritime Museum in Halifax. It's an excellent exhibit and very worthwhile to visit, plus they also have a terrific display of several ship models.

It was quite an experience seeing those wood pieces, especially the ones from the Grand Staircase. Being able to examine all the detail that went into them up close, was absolutely incredible.

I hope to get back there one of these days.
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